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After a year of Trump Trauma

Stories of woundedness come to us every day with living examples of courage in those who survive trauma and are finding a way forward. I am most sympathetic to the “me too” movement as the violence of sexual assault or the emotional distress of constant harassment through demeaning behavior in business, politics, sports, ripples out into institutions, eroding pillars of faith, our trust in leadership. For these women--victims of sexual misconduct--to speak up certainly invites more trauma. It’s any easy road for men to expect them to stand alone as men are seldom victims of sexual assault. Where predators prevail, there is safety in numbers. When those numbers point to the same need for change in social behavior, that momentum will raise all boats. Momentum is Movement. Movement is a different kind of energy--more of a groundswell than a lightning strike. I am genuinely excited to see this awareness spread and feel a sense of justice when some nasty karma splashes a few suits in high offices. I am especially keen, as a social commentator, on what lesson might be learned here as such social change erupts in response to the elevation of a known bully, misogynist and sexual predator to the highest office in the nation. The lesson of Momentum to Movement with victims standing up to bullies is a good one. It's the other side of "good guys with guns." We are never alone. We represent change.

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