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What I'm doing while ducking the pandemic

I am posting this as a way of checking in with anyone who might happen upon this blog. I retired about five years ago to dedicate myself to my writing and art. In that time, I have initiated a number of projects including the novel, CANNED TUNA (Redbat Books, Pacific Northwest Writers Series, 2017). Three projects are moving toward completion and looking for a publishing strategy: WAKING IN WINTER: Poems for a Dark Season; BLUES HEAVEN, a multi-genre art book with narrative about a progressive blues group, Crooked Comix, told in poems, prose poems and flash fiction, and the novel, MASTER MERLIN. I am creating a lot of digital art so I will have a lot to choose from when ready to put final touches on BLUES HEAVEN. I hope to post some of the art on the Shapeshifter Ink page in the near future.

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